Praxor Audit


Services: Our knowledge of service businesses is demonstrated in the work we do for airport services, IT and maintenance and transport companies.

Internet and high technology: PRAXOR works with Internet, biotechnology services and innovative products startups.

Industry: PRAXOR has clients in the building, industrial supplies, mechanical engineering and textile industries.

Association: We have developed expertise in the management of associations acting mainly in the social economy.

Distribution: PRAXOR supports clients with distribution and logistics activities.

Media & Tourism: We advise show, production and audio-visual, literary and musical distribution professionals as well as well-known players in the tour operating and the hotel business.

Finance: PRAXOR carries out projects of legal audit for marketable securities as well as several banking sector companies, in particular in the risk management and inheritance management fields.

Praxor Audit
12 rue du Helder – 75009 Paris