Praxor Audit


50 % Statutory audit
PRAXOR performs statutory audit for middle capitalization entites, SME and associations. These projects are the core of the firm's business.
For Major Account clients, the firm's teams intervene in joint statutory audit, usually alongside international audit firms.

30% Accountory
PRAXOR performs accounting and auditing projects for corporate and consolidated accounts as well as related projects such as pay, tax return preparation, etc.

20% Advisory
This branch groups together a group of activities aimed at:
> firstly, advising the senior executives in their management choices: optimisation as regards tax, human resources, investment decisions, management tool setup and IT system control, evaluation of practices and financial communication.

> secondly, to carry out various projects such as investment audits for business takeovers, restructuring assessments, etc.


Praxor Audit
12 rue du Helder – 75009 Paris